Twok Seasoning Soap


• Formulated with a quality waxes and oils for added protection.
• Ideal for all carbon steel and cast iron
• Perfect seasoning every time.
• Excellent for initial seasoning, daily maintenance or repair, protects cooking surface from rust
• Enhanced using savory essential oils that naturally help to eliminate unwanted food odors. The Seasoning Soap will leave your cast iron cookware smelling clean yet neutral. It will not transfer onto food.
• Proudly made in the Texas, USA

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Twok® Seasoning Soap is ideal for all Carbon Steel and cast iron cookware such as the Twok Grill® Rinse and thoroughly dry your cartoon steel or cast iron cookware before applying. This product is specially designed to help restore, build and maintain a natural seasoning, making your Twok Grill® easier to clean and pleasant to cook with, your food will taste better too! Formulated with highly refined coconut oil and enhanced with food grade oils and waxes. The Twok® Season Soap will protect and prolong the lifespan of your Carbon Steel & cast iron cookware. When used on a regular basis you will build up a seasoning on your cookware that will prevent it from moisture damage that can lead to rusting. Great results when used on in conjunction with the Twok® Scrubber! Unlike flaxseed, canola or palm oil, the Seasoning Soap will never go rancid and does not need to be refrigerated.


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